Welcome to the 2014 ISA RC47 website! This website is intended to serve the need of RC47 members in the ISA.

The 2014 ISA World Congress is held in Yokohama, Japan.The 201 congress will mark the first time when ISA World Congress is held in Asia. At the same time, it will be the first time for many RC47 members to visit the city of Yokohama and Japan. Especially for researchers coming from distance, attending the 2014 conference may become costly.

In this website, we will constantly upload various pieces of notes and information so that the website will serve as a collection of hints to make your visit and stay in Japan easier, gentle to your wallet, and a lot of fun.

The emphasis of this website lies in reasonable accommodations, cheap dinning, and inexpensive fun nights, as well as off-the-convention trips. They are all essentials for visitors to enjoy without worries.

Please come visit this website as you wish. We will do our best to accommodate your needs!