Welcome to Japan Activist Tours!
As you can see by the attached form, we are all set.
Keiko NISHIMURA, a graduate student at University of North Carolina, will be your contact person.
She is completely fluent in English so there will be no communication problems. Here phone number is 080-3341-6066.
Yuko OAKU, a graduate student at International Christian University in Japan, will be your translator, and of course, she too is bilingual. 090-5531-3593
The over all schedule and information is attached.
It is very important that you arrive at the RECEPTION DESK of the Intercontinental Hotel by 1:15. We leave at 1:30. 
Please be flexible. The day labor site is not a commercial place, and we are only allowed to come because one of our members, Chie Matsumoto, has gained access from the organizer, Mr. Kondo.
If anyone would like to confirm anything with me, please feel free to call directly. 090-9955-6627.
Thanks for your interest and support.
David Slater
Japan Activist Tours
Chie Matsumoto
Matt Noyes