For more information on each type of accommodation please check the link below.

■Insiders’ View of Low Price Hotels and Hostels in Yokohama: Our Recommendation for RC47ers


■Yokohama Visitor’s Guide


■Guest House (1night 2,000yen~3,000yen/per 1person)


■Capsule Hotel (1night 2,500yen~3,500yen/per 1person)


■Yokohama Rental Apartments (1night 3,500yen~4,500yen/per 1person + cleaning expenses 10,500/15,750yen)


■Economy Hotel (1night 4,800yen~6,000yen/per 1person)

・Yokohama Station & Kannai Station

・Kawasaki Station


・Tsurumi Station


■High class Hotel (1night 7,000yen~13,000yen/ per 1person)


※How to get to Pacifico Yokohama from each station.